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You know how social media makes you feel like everyone has the key to happiness except you? Well, we offer online  coaching and courses to frustrated women and couples who want to feel more confident financially and romantically. Using our proven system, we teach you to stop comparing and start repairing your mindset, your money, your relationships, and your life. We call this system Prosperity Club.


Hypnotherapist, Financial Therapist and CEO of Presidential Lifestyle, Kiné Corder founded Prosperity Club when she realized couples needed help with more than just the numbers. A former Morgan Stanley, Financial Planning Specialist, Kiné made the shift to Counselor about 5 years ago. Helping patients feel more confident in every area of their lives. She is also a best selling author, international speaker, and her favorite pastime is traveling the world. 


Presidential Lifestyle, is a wellness company focused on wealth in all of its forms. Mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wealth. Prosperity Club is a library of love and money resources, coaching, courses, and retreats. The membership is made up of powerful achievers and lifelong learners that support each other through life’s complex challenges. 


Financial therapy is a process that helps one define their idea of prosperity and reconcile their emotions around money. Members who join Prosperity Club report improvements in their overall life satisfaction. They gain confidence and improve their relationships, including their relationship with money.


Our vision is to become the go-to resource for every seriously dating or married couple in an effort to raise the marriage rate and lower the divorce rate by 10%.

Our mission is to reach couples through their church, employer, community organization, or trusted counselors.


Want to start feeling more confident today? Start by taking our free course here.



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